Ponte Giulio celebrates 44 years at the forefront of the inclusive design industry

A life-long dedication to solutions that make bathroom environments accessible to all

On July 6th, Ponte Giulio celebrated 44 years making private and public bathroom environments easily accessible to all through modern products and solutions. Over the years, Ponte Giulio has endeavoured to create a legacy of dedication and professionalism, developing beautiful products with great attention to detail and quality materials, made in Italy.

It all began in 1959, when Emidio Carloni, father of the current CEO, opened a small artisanal shop in the hill top town of Orvieto, Italy, where he designed and manufactured kitchen basins in metal. The business then developed its offering, focusing on the production of wooden furniture. In 1973, the business became industrial, and Emidio purchased a piece of land in the Ponte Giulio area of Orvieto, where he started manufacturing furniture for the construction industry.

In the 1980s, production turned to bathroom items for the hospitality field and later the core business moved to bathroom products especially designed with safety in mind, which were used in hotels and for children's bathrooms.

CEO Enrico Carloni says that the brand's success can be largely attributed to the company consistently seeking solutions for its customers' needs, something that he believes is imperative as the general population now has a longer life expectancy and as a result, their needs have changed.

It is Ponte Giulio's mission to focus not only on creating visually pleasing products, but also on ensuring optimum safety. In order to fulfil this brief, Ponte Giulio has continually invested in technology to ensure that the company is able to effectively target innovative projects.

The Carloni family has always based its business on providing quality solutions, created with raw materials which are safe, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Enrico says: "I believe one of our biggest strengths as a company is that we are a family run business.''
The family Enrico speaks of has expanded significantly since the early days, boasting 50 collaborators, a branch in the USA, an office in the UK and partners in Spain, Germany, France and beyond. The Ponte Giulio ethos is still the same as the early days however - something which is very important to the brand.

Enrico continues: "Our business grew day by day in the early years. As with any business, we went through good and bad times. The economic crisis of the last few years has heavily affected our industry, so it is important we seek to remain innovative and creative in our mindset and, as always, we keep our customers at the forefront of what we do.

"Even during the most challenging times we have made a conscientious effort to invest in new projects in order to differentiate ourselves and open doors in new markets.''

"It is an entrepreneurial spirit that runs from generation to generation. Enrico notes, "All I've learnt, both professionally and personally is thanks to my father, who distilled in me the love and passion I have for this industry. I hope I can do the same for my children who inspire me to continually invest in the future of the business.''

The last 44 years, concludes Enrico, wouldn't have been possible without his family: ''The values we've instilled in our business are consistent from generation to generation. Something we value highly is respecting our team, the environment and our customers. We believe this is the only way to improve and tackle challenges, and this has enabled us to now celebrate our 44th birthday all these years on.''

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