Ponte Giulio - creating a safe bathroom for a safer home

Domestic accidents can involve people of any age. But, elderly people in particular are the most vulnerable to the consequences of an accident, as injuries to the body can be more serious in old age.

Ponte Giulio's mission is to ensure greater safety in the bathroom for all. In both public and private bathrooms, it is very easy to fall or slip due to excess water and restricted room for movement, which is why at Ponte Giulio we are committed to providing solutions suitable for any sized bathroom.

Our aim is to create specially designed products aimed at maximising usability and functionality in the bathroom, providing a fully inclusive solution. Bathtubs, floor-level access trays and accessories are all designed to not only provide optimum safety, but to also be aesthetically pleasing, meaning you don't need to compromise on style.

A simple, yet effective, addition to any bathroom space is a grab rail. Rails of different shapes and dimensions are key elements for a safe bathroom, alongside shower seats. Ponte Giulio's offering is constructed to meet the most stringent regulations and items are built with top quality raw materials for increased durability.

Installing a side opening bath tub is also a great way to create a more functional bathroom, especially for users with minor motion issues. The specially designed shape of the bathtub door allows for an easier access than traditional styles. Increasing safety and functionality in the bathroom can also be achieved by installing a floor level access tray, to be complemented with grab rails and a seat for optimum safety.

Ponte Giulio is proud to provide products that offer independence in movement, and consistently work on developing solutions with this in mind.

The bathroom should be a place where any person, regardless of their age or level of fitness, should be able to use safely and confidently. With this in mind, the team at Ponte Giulio work hard to develop modern and affordable solutions. If you would like to discuss safety in your bathroom or find out how our solutions could benefit you or a loved one, contact our experts today!

Ponte Giulio; with a safer bathroom - your house is a more beautiful place to live.