Ponte Giulio creating a worldwide planning network with BIM

BIM helps Ponte Giulio to manage all information regarding a products’ life and enables our clients to effectively plan for the future

Ponte Giulio has always been a reference point for architects and designers, and the company is now using Building Information Modelling to ensure they remain at the forefront of the building and architectural industries.

BIM connects all professionals involved in a building project and enables them to share data and cross check for ease of planning.

Creating the products' sheets with BIM allows for optimised management of all information about the life of a product, letting architects and designers work in synergy This enables designers to create bathrooms that offer inclusive design while keeping administration and planning to a minimum.

This way of planning is also very useful for customers when Ponte Giulio approaches a new project, whether for a public or private space. Thanks to BIM, which is able to deliver advanced simulations, the team can provide accurate answers regarding costs, colours, dimensions, materials, transport and recyclability

Ponte Giulio offers BIM Object, the largest European portal for the management of BIM. BIM Object offers solutions that include development, publishing and maintenance of digital copies of products and their distribution, enabling our team of experts to better assist our design and architect clients.

Ponte Giulio sees the adoption of BIM as an opportunity to grow and further establish the brand, and the model has already been well received by our many clients.

To find out more about our BIM offering, take a look at our website, or contact one of our team today!

Ponte Giulio: a worldwide network for planning safe bathroom environments.