Ponte Giulio introduces user access profiles to UK website for tailored browsing

Much-loved Italian inclusive designer Ponte Giulio has updated its UK website to enhance user experience with new icons aimed at identifying private end-users, architects, fitters and healthcare professionals.

The aim is to create a unique and custom experience for the firm's different audiences. On the homepage users can now choose the profile that best identifies them and can access a dedicated section where the solutions, news and technical material available to download are all customized according to their requirements.

For those who do not wish to select a profile, the website is still viewable as a "visitor" where users can access the company products pages, solutions and news articles.

Ponte Giulio's inclusive design for private houses, news

The first profile is dedicated to private end-users, such as home owners or restaurant/bar owners wishing to make their bathroom a more safe, functional, elegant and stylish space. Ponte Giulio is able to offer this through a wide range of products and solutions. Grab rails, seats, stools, accessories, washbasins and shower trays can be purchased that match any style and usage requirement making a bathroom environment truly inclusive no matter who is going to use it.

Ponte Giulio's purpose for fitter to install safe baths, news

The second profile is aimed at installers and fitters. Ponte Giulio has redeveloped this area to provide our installation clients with accurate and detailed information. Fitters often advise private end-users on the best products to install and already know what products and solutions are available on the market. In order to better assist our fitter clients, choosing this profile also offers technical data sheets with all the details needed to prepare for installation.

Ponte Giulio's inclusive design for architects and designers, news

The third profile is dedicated to architects, specifiers, and designers. Having worked with designers for years, Ponte Giulio has learnt that by providing detailed technical information and insights on products and solutions, we can offer architects the best possible service. Not only does Ponte Giulio provide technical data sheets, but also DWG drawings and a growing library of BIM models.

Ponte Giulio's purpose for healtcare professional bath solutions, news

The fourth profile is dedicated to healthcare professionals. With the increasing average age and the dropping birth rate, the concept of assisted living is becoming increasingly necessary. A growing number of elderly people with health issues are reliant on the support of care homes and assisted living centres. These spaces inevitably must be suitably equipped with safety products. If a user selects this profile, they will find Ponte Giulio's expert advice on the best solutions to ensure such bathroom environments are equipped to the highest standard.

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