Why every hotel should provide an accessible bathroom

Any style of accommodation can have barrier-free bathrooms thanks to Ponte Giulio

Many hotels still have bathrooms with lots of architectural barriers which can be troublesome for those in need of easily accessible environments.

Toilets are particularly crucial from anaccessibility perspective, as standard models are not of adequate height to ensure an easy and fast transfer from a wheelchair. It isn't just toilet facilities that can prove issues for those with mobility issues, as shower trays are also not always step-free, and washbasins often fail to be high enough to allow an easy washing experience for a wheelchair user.

Now, thanks to Ponte Giulio, it is very easy to have an accessible bathroom.

The Italian bathroom company offers inclusive design solutions that help reduce barriers in a fast and cost-effective way. The solutions are simple, yet effective, explains Marco Ragno, head of Ponte Giulio in the UK.

"The simple solutions we supply cover everything from grab rails in washbasins, toilet and shower areas, right through to the replacement of shower trays with floor-level ones to ensure a safe experience for everyone. What's more, we offer stylish and appealing accessories that complement the grab rails, meaning our clients don't have to compromise on aesthetics."

Naturally, every modification in a bathroom environment is always subject to space and technical restrictions. This is why Ponte Giulio is proud to offer customisable wash basins and shower trays, which can be built to different shapes and dimensions to fit any space.

The replacement of the bath tub with a step-free access tray, which may seem expensive and time-consuming, can be carried out easily by avoiding work in the plumbing system and by placing the custom made tray exactly where the tub used to be.

For years, the team at Ponte Giulio has been working on their collection of industrial products with passion and precision. The result is solutions that are stylish, safe and accessible.

Ponte Giulio's offer for hotel and accommodation facilities is based on the "inclusive design" concept. This means the business offers solutions to make a bathroom fully accessible while remaining visually pleasing and elegant, ensuring a non-institutional look and a space that can be used by any person no matter their physical condition.

Marco continues 'A guest that feels welcome in a hotel that offers an inclusive approach, will not only provide positive feedback from an enhanced user experience, but will also be happy to come back, safe in the knowledge their requirements will be catered for.'