Children bathroom collection

Specific products addressed to children environments.

Wash basin and changing table for children

Washbasin, bathroom fixtures and accessories for children

Looking after a child is always a taft task requiring a lot of care and attention in every kind of environment.
Growing up a child is a must in all cultures and the education of a future citizen is an important and constant engagement.
The personal care is a focal point in every society all over the world. For this purpose Ponte Giulio has developed a programme to educate children to the use of the bathroom and to the personal care through nice and appealing products as in a game. These articles are customized for them in bright colours and characters recalling the jungle vegetation and animals combined with simple geometric shapes, which may tickle their immagination in a balanced way and the children tipical creativity.
Based upon this concept Ponte Giulio has created a furnishing system, which may combine the aesthetic need with the functionality and become the ideal solution for children schools, kindergarten as well for children areas in restaurants, pubs, service areas and malls.





Ponte Giulio's sanitary ware for children bathroom  


Essential for all kind of stylish bathroom environment.


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Ponte Giulio's bath accessories for children bathroom  

Bath accessories

Essential accessories including peculiar elements.


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Ponte Giulio's taps and mixers for children bathroom  

Tap and mixers

Functional, reliable, hygienic all together.


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