Design with safety

Refurbishing a home should take into consideration today’s ever changing needs and prevent as much as possible domestic accidents. It should also foresee an “independent” space to host a friend, family member or a care-giver.

The rating of an old person has gone through transitional changes during the history. For example at the end of last century the utilitarian approach of focusing all attention and efforts on productivity and profit for the family and the society was playing a prevailing role. This concept was based upon a cultural model envisaging the "old age" as "top-down curve", starting from the retirement and including beliefs and entrenched social customs as well as social age discrimination. Of course this idea was not taking into consideration the different single physical and mental conditions of this long stage of life.


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The active ageing concept, which was first adopted by the World Healthcare Organization (2001) and then by the EU, foresees an active participation of the old persons to the social life and economic development. Nevertheless, in this framework, must be still explored the relation between the human being and his home, which is becoming more important when he grows older. The physical changes are a natural consequence of ageing and must be accepted and considered during planning and designing of daily use furnishing articles and components in the environments and relating to the technologies of our daily life.

The third age may become a veritable second life and the home may play the core of it. Therefore the restyling of an apartment must take into consideration three basic purposes:

  • be of help for the changing needs;
  • be conceived for avoiding the most part of domestic accidents, which are the highest cause of small and big physical problems;
  • the apartment should include, when possible, a small independent space, where a friend, a relative or a care assistant may be guested.


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The regular restyling of an apartment has also to focus on the bathroom environment, where each areas has to be designed for the specific needs and connected to the daily use, considering the age of the person and his motion control ability as well as his brain capacity.

The way of using the objects and performing in the domestic environments is related to the gender, the age and the physical limitations. Therefore a great deal of analysis is required in order to adequately plan and design for the different stages of our life.


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Desifg with safety collection


Ponte Giulio proposes in its “Safe Bathroom Program” a wide range of products, such as: grab rails, seats, accessories, walk-in bathtubs with doors an special sanitaryware, which offer a complete furnishing or enable to restyle a bathroom for whatever exigency regardless the age and the motion problem. Ponte Giulio mission has been and is the safety inside the bathroom, so to allow a total comfort and an environment free of any barriers.


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