HUG, life caring design

Taking care of yourself starts here

Life is about taking care of yourself and your family both in terms of provision and safety. This word is associated with the concept of caring and includes all areas of comfort, wellness and self-realization. The term 'design' suggests that form is combined with aesthetic values and care of appearance, and this in turn evokes an emotional experience.

We aim to offer everyone, who is traveling or at home, the sensation of enjoying bathroom wellness in comfort and at ease, and this is our primary idea that has led us to develop the Hug collection. This furnishing system was created when the technical staff of Ponte Giulio and designer Daniele Trebbi worked together with shared values related to design and the care for oneself and others.

The large colored handles of contemporary design, important elements of the project, are safe and functional, but also versatile. The horizontal and vertical versions allow you to freely arrange a space and to organize it in a creative and personal way, thanks to containers and other accessories. In addition to handles, which are a key element of all Ponte Giulio solutions, the collection includes removable tilting grab bars, stool seats and shower seats, as well as washbasins, consoles and mirrors.

The shower trays and glass shower enclosures complete a collection that allows you to design any bathroom area, private or public.


hug, grab bars for the bathroom


hug, bathroom accessories


hug, bathroom sanitaryware


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