What is acrylic stone

Since the first appearing on the market in 1967 the acrylic stone has been constituting a real industrial revolution in the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom countertops, offering the same benefits of a natural stone without the typical defects and drawbacks of syntetic or semisynthetic materials. It enables the manufacture of different shapes and sizes and can be worked like wood.

The acrylic stone is a non-absorbent, non-porous solid surface composite material, belonging to the solid surface category. It is composed of roughly two thirds aluminium trioxide (proceeded from the bauxite) and one-third high quality acrylic resin, with the addition of small quantities of coloured pigments. The peculiarity of acrylic stone is a long lasting life, capability of withstanding the rigours of daily use and it does not discolour when exposed to direct sunlight. These qualities make acrylic stone the ideal solution for almost any indoor or outdoor application, offering a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours.


An acrylic stone piece, showcases

Its mineral and acrylic resin composition, the low-consumption production process and “zero waste” machining give the material a high ecorating.

Uniform surface
The possible hidden joins give the impression of a single, solid block, even where the machining and installation are particularly difficult or elaborated.

Acrylic stone is a non-toxic material which does not produce surfactants, and has a non-porous surface with no visible joins. Ponte Giulio focuses on machining techniques avoiding sharp edges for an easy cleaning.

The surface can be easily cleaned using water, a drop of detergent and a cloth. To remove any scratches, all you need is a “Scotch Brite” or similar sponge or a fine sandpaper.

Acrylic stone shows a very high resistance when exposed to most chemical agents, does not discolour when exposed to UV-rays and has an excellent mechanical strength.

Deep scratches or serious damages resulting from improper use can be repaired, either on-site or at our factory.

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An acrylic stone piece, showcases
The acrylic stone colours , showcases