This type of step-free shower tray is organised with a grab rail equipped with a vertical rail with hand shower holder. This solution can be complemented with a removable shower seat and and a splash guard rod.

These folding seats offer greater movement possibility in the shower area, making a bathroom safer. They can be complemented with accessories such as the L-shaped splash guard rod

This seat enables to shower in complete safety. The folding function allows for greater space to move around in the shower. The removable option allows the seat to be taken out when not needed.

This type of tubs are necessary in an assisted bathroom. The immersion in hot water has lots of benefits, such as pain relief, increased mobility, reduction of the symptoms of certain skin conditions and improved psychological wellbeing.

This type of showers are much more comfortable as they integrate a WC in the shower enclosure.

The use of this type of stretcher avoids the use of a lifter, being the stretcher a lifter itself. It is easy to use and matches with a WC bowl in the assisted bathroom.

Corner shower equipped with vertical rail cm 117, hand shower holder with ergonomic grip and a 60 cm straight grab rail. Easy accessible even with a shower chair.