A safe and functional shower area thanks to the use of a practical stool, which allows the shower to be used in complete safety.

A safe and functional washbasin area, thanks to a practical stool, which makes using the washbasin by oneself easier and safer.

This seat allows the user to bathe safely. The access to the tub is eased and slipping avoided. The folding function allows for greater space and easy cleaning. Thanks to this seat the tub’s edge is not a barrier.

Safety in the bathroom is our mission. Using a barrier free and safe bathroom is the foundation of wellbeing.

The bathtub with outwards opening door is particularly fit for broad people or for those with minor motion limits. It guarantees safe bathing and plenty of space to move around inside it. It comes with an integrated grab rail and other accessories.

The bathtub with inwards opening door is the ideal solution for space limited bathrooms. Its reduced depth allows for installation as replacement of a shower tray or old bathtub.

Shower trays, shower seats, shower enclosures, grab rails and accessories avoid permanently any risk in the shower area. This solution is also very handy to help an aged person or a child shower.

Ponte Giulio proposes this ergonomic console for the washbasin area. It comes equipped with bespoke rails and fittings offering strong grip for those with motion difficulties in addition to being a great solution for the bathroom’s overall decoration.

Inclusive bathroom projects that allow the development of products for everybody, no matter the age or physical ability. Projects that include accessories, sanitary ware, side opening tubs and grab rails.

Corner shower equipped with vertical rail cm 117, hand shower holder with ergonomic grip and a 60 cm straight grab rail. Easy accessible even with a shower chair.

The use of this type of stretcher avoids the use of a lifter, being the stretcher a lifter itself. It is easy to use and matches with a WC bowl in the assisted bathroom.

This type of showers are much more comfortable as they integrate a WC in the shower enclosure.

This type of tubs are necessary in an assisted bathroom. The immersion in hot water has lots of benefits, such as pain relief, increased mobility, reduction of the symptoms of certain skin conditions and improved psychological wellbeing.

This seat enables to shower in complete safety. The folding function allows for greater space to move around in the shower. The removable option allows the seat to be taken out when not needed.

The elegant stool with side handles, perfectly steady and solid, gives an extraordinary help to be independent and safe in front of a wash basin.

Grab bars, seats, sanitary-ware for safe mobility in the bathroom environment destined to care homes, hospitals and private environments.

These folding seats offer greater movement possibility in the shower area, making a bathroom safer. They can be complemented with accessories such as the L-shaped splash guard rod

This type of step-free shower tray is organised with a grab rail equipped with a vertical rail with hand shower holder. This solution can be complemented with a removable shower seat and and a splash guard rod.

The folding grab rails offer an essential aid for the use of the WC-bowl and can be complemented with other bathroom accessories.

Many different grab rails from the Urban People range to be fitted in the washbasin area for both a private or hotel bathroom arrangement.

We provide these grab rails to grant a safe and easy accessible bathroom not only in hospitals or care homes, but private environments as well.

Bathroom projects for the hospitality field. Accessories, sanitary-ware, shower trays. Designers and architects can develop such bathrooms to be easily accessible to planners and installers.

A shower area made safe and functional thanks to the installation of grab rails, seats and slider rails. Being close to the customer at design stage is part of our culture.

We propose shower trays in acrylic stone for the hospitality field. Our products can satisfy any need of design and can be complemented with stylish glass shower enclosures.

A safe and functional shower thanks to grab rails from the “Prestigio+” range, developed specifically to meet the needs of adaptability and personalisation.

Solutions for the washbasin area in the hospitality field. We meet any need and offer incredible personalisation options.

The increasing ageing of population obliges to design hotel bathroom environments to be inclusive. Bathroom accessories, sanitary ware, shower trays and grab rails.

A safe and functional shower area thanks to grab rails of the “Prestigio” range which combine an original style and robustness. In addition to bespoke shower trays, a seat and grab rail with hand shower complement the solution.

Customised washbasins for hotels. These washbasins with integrated basin in acrylic stone are customisable based on shape and dimension to fit any bathroom project. The style is minimal and elegant.

Bathroom projects for the hospitality field, specifically hotels. Bathroom accessories, sanitary ware and shower trays to recreate the atmosphere of a cosy private bathroom.

These bathroom products for children are conceived to be simply installed and fitted freely along a wall no matter where the drain and water supply systems are located.

Bathroom environment with wall-hung WCs,. The bathroom accessories include HPL wall partitions and a rail with glass holders from the “Jungle” range.

Bathroom environment for children designed with products from the Bagnocucciolo collection. WC bowls in ceramic, customisable wash basins in acrylic stone and bathroom accessories for children.

Mirror for washbasin with frame in HPL with carved decoration. Total diameter 250 mm and with safety glass

Handy pieces of furniture and accessories for any children bathroom. They have no frame and can be installed freely based on specific needs. The mirrors come with their holders and safety glass.

Worktop with baby changing station in acrylic stone, white colour and with semi-bright finish. The raw material is non toxic and anti bacterial. The item can be customised based on shape and dimension.

Solution for the children bathroom with rectangular washbasin with double height surface and double basin. Made in acrylic stone it is offered with colour contrast

Solution for the children bathroom with rectangular double washbasin made in acrylic stone with basins in white colour and body in yellow. The product is supplied with fixing brackets.

Range of washbasins and accessories for bathrooms in airports, train stations or sport centres. The washbasins and worktops can be customised based on shape and dimension and are a valid solution for any kind of installation need.

Range of sanitary ware, grab rails, accessible urinals, handrails, corner guards and bumpers for high traffic areas. The products are strong, easy to install and look after.