A safe and functional shower area thanks to the use of a practical stool, which allows the shower to be used in complete safety.

A safe and functional washbasin area, thanks to a practical stool, which makes using the washbasin by oneself easier and safer.

This seat allows the user to bathe safely. The access to the tub is eased and slipping avoided. The folding function allows for greater space and easy cleaning. Thanks to this seat the tub’s edge is not a barrier.

Safety in the bathroom is our mission. Using a barrier free and safe bathroom is the foundation of wellbeing.

The bathtub with outwards opening door is particularly fit for broad people or for those with minor motion limits. It guarantees safe bathing and plenty of space to move around inside it. It comes with an integrated grab rail and other accessories.

The bathtub with inwards opening door is the ideal solution for space limited bathrooms. Its reduced depth allows for installation as replacement of a shower tray or old bathtub.

Shower trays, shower seats, shower enclosures, grab rails and accessories avoid permanently any risk in the shower area. This solution is also very handy to help an aged person or a child shower.

Ponte Giulio proposes this ergonomic console for the washbasin area. It comes equipped with bespoke rails and fittings offering strong grip for those with motion difficulties in addition to being a great solution for the bathroom’s overall decoration.

Inclusive bathroom projects that allow the development of products for everybody, no matter the age or physical ability. Projects that include accessories, sanitary ware, side opening tubs and grab rails.