HUG is warmth

HUG is empathy

a Hug is joy (Video)

Customizable in shape and size

Shapes, dimensions and methods of installation

The seats: materials, functionality and accessories

Grab bars: materials, functionality and accessories

Taking care of yourself starts here

The worlds strongest stud wall fixing system

Elegant grab bars and seats

A wide collection of grab rails and helping systems both for private and public use.

A sleek and elegant design.

The perfect choice for a stylish bathroom

Refurbishing a home should take into consideration today’s ever changing needs and prevent as much as possible domestic accidents. It should also foresee an “independent” space to host a friend, family member or a care-giver.

It is necessary to go beyond the “standard man” idea and design to fulfil the needs of inclusion of everyday life.

Articles in acrylic stone for whatever bathroom, public or private.

Specific products addressed to children environments.

A side opening tub can be used by sitting comfortably. Intimacy is granted and risk of fall is avoided.