Company History

“A job well done, is part of our past, but also constitutes the founding of our future”. Emidio Carloni.

The team at Ponte Giulio are experts in the bathroom sector, offering solutions for both private and public spaces, and currently offer a wide range of products and solutions. We have more than 40 years' experience and an unrivalled passion for creating inclusive bathroom spaces, which has led to the creation of our collection of professional and cutting edge products. Ponte Giulio's range guarantees a comfortable and safe experience, as well as offering a stylish and sleekly designed aesthetic, all core peculiarities of the 'Made in Italy.'

First example of Ponte Giulio's grab rail


Emidio Carloni opens a small handcraft workshop in Orvieto, where he designs and produces under counter sinks made by a metal sheet. The forefather of Ponte Giulio, the "Lamil" has been born.

First production of bathroom



Emidio Carloni takes the decision to convert the metal production into a wood production, therefore "Lamil" becomes "Mobilcentro".

The Industry of accessible bathroom



The year the business moves from handcraft to industrial production. Emidio also purchases a plot of land located in the Ponte Giulio Area in the municipality district of Orvieto. These are the foundations of the present Headquarters and the Company is then named "Ponte Giulio". In these premises manufacturing started on cabinets for industrial buildings.

Ponte Giulio starts the production of bathroom



During the following years, Ponte Giulio started the design and manufacture of prefab bathroom units to be used in resorts, hotels and communities. The business focused on the renovation of the bathroom space, and creates products for the old and young alike including children and those who are disabled or have mobility issues.

By the end of 80s the company became the official supplier of the Vatican City

Ponte Giulio starts the production of accessible bathroom



In the 90s, the law for the removal of architectural barriers came in to place, and the company focused on the new bathroom conception: making the bathroom more accessible and enjoyable for the disabled, thanks to the grab bars, seats, walk-in bathtubs with opening doors, flush-to-floor shower trays and other support items.

Ponte Giulio starts the production of accessible bathroom in Europe



The mid 90s saw the company open up to the European Markets: Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Greece and Rumania.

The beginning of 2000 saw Ponte Giulio strengthen its presence abroad.

Ponte Giulio starts the production in Usa



Ponte Giulio expanded oversees and Ponte Giulio USA is born, with a Head Office in Waukesha, Winconsin.

Birth of Ponte Giulio's programme of products made in acrylic stone  


Midioplan birth: a program of products made of acrylic stone, a non-toxic composite material, which can be worked like wood.

Ponte Giulio starts a metal polishing plan  


The Company carries on the metal polishing plan with new special equipment, in order to be able to offer new product executions for its customer's satisfaction.

Ponte Giulio improves its activity in all international markets  


Ponte Giulio is now present on all principal International Markets.