The experience and the culture of the bathroom

Inclusive design in bathrooms

Ponte Giulio has focused its activity in the study and proposal of products, but mainly on solutions for the bathroom, both in the public environments and in the private structures and homes. Forty years of professional passion for planning, designing and developing of special articles and solutions to ensure a safe and comfortable use into the bathroom for all consumers.

Bathroom accessories for disabled


This constant research and realizations are part of our history but also constitute the foundation of our future, being really convinced that in the bathroom area, particularly in the private residential environments, we wish to be totally comfortable, with no architectural barriers, we want to enjoy an equipped room for the entire family, from children to old people, from body abled to persons physically challenged, no limits caused by disability, a possibility for all to independently use and live their own bathroom environment.

Stylish shower seat


Our vision and mission is to offer solutions combining wellbeing and safety in order to satisfy, at the same time, the exigencies of different generations of consumers and achieve the so called "age friendly" and "inclusive Design". The same attention and support is offered to the bathroom designers to assist them during their planning, suggesting the most suitable solutions, which may satisfy all style and furnishing needs. Our collections always try to emphasize in addition of high quality and reliability the refined taste, the care for details, which are the core peculiarity of the "Made In Italy".