The Values

Example of acrylic stone washbasin's production


Quality is our guiding value and we encourage the company to adopt these principles, For years Ponte Giulio has been committed to implementing technical methods to ensure the best bathroom spaces for elderly and disabled people.
The team are consistently looking to develop bathroom furnishings, children's bathroom equipment, and hotel bathroom accessories that guarantee a sustainable improvement of living space.

The strict requirements for healthcare environments to be safe and sanitary means Ponte Giulio is proud to have achieved the required standards for obtaining a number of certifications which recognise both product quality and quality management.

EN ISO 9001 2008
Improvement of performances to achieve the highest product quality standards and customer satisfaction.

ISO 13485 2012
Certification of the products and quality management system as medical devices.

Conformity to the EEC. Parliament Directive 2007/47/CE (MDD93/42/CEE).

Ponte Giulio quality and durability certificates



The guarantee of a safe bathroom environment has always been of paramount importance for Ponte Giulio, which is why we give the utmost care and attention to the safety of both disabled and elderly people and children. Safety is ingrained throughout Ponte Giulio's offering and is at the forefront of our plans when developing a new item.

This commitment to safety continues throughout the production stages and processing chain. Our valued clients put a great deal of trust in the safety of our products, and as such, they must achieve the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Ponte Giulio articles are subsequently subjected to rigorous quality and durability testing, first of all in our laboratory, then in other certified laboratories, such as "TÜV SÜD Italia s.r.l.", "Setec", "Istituto Giordano" and "pH s.r.l. - Gruppo TÜV SÜD".

Dependent on the product category and its function, different tests will be performed, including static resistance test, tensile strength test, and test in climatic chamber and biocompatibility testing.

Ponte Giulio quality and durability certificates



Ponte Giulio cares for the environment, and, as such, we have taken practical and meaningful actions over the years to ensure we minimize the impact of our activities on our surroundings. We make environmentally friendly choice throughout the creation process, starting from the first design and then in all the production steps for our entire range. We ensure we do the following;

  • Use raw materials with low environmental impact, that are recyclable or derived from recycled materials
  • Have scrupulous collection and adequate disposal of production waste in conformity of the Directive 2012/19/UE.
  • Check of the emissions to the atmosphere during production cycles.
Ponte Giulio care for health  


It is no secret that the environment and objects we use in everyday life can have a significant impact on our health. Ponte Giulio is committed to ensuring we manufacture healthy products by selecting raw materials containing no components which may be hazardous or dangerous for consumer health.

The team at Ponte Giulio are consistently seeking new methods for the manufacture of bathroom solutions for elderly and disabled people, as well as for children and hotels based upon strict guiding values. We ensure we use:

  • Antimicrobial protection based on silver ions, which will protect against bacteria, fungi, and the H1N1 virus.
  • Careful use of raw materials avoiding toxins.
  • Use of biocompatible materials.