ID IN004

Shaped Mirror

Wash basin area

Usually considered a furnishing article, an absolutely useful accessory in a bathroom, a mirror for a child may also have a role in education, since this item which always constitutes a bond with personal identity, gives numerous inspiring ideas not only bound to “identity “ itself, but also to the “farfetched” and the “paradox” (1).

The frameless mirrors may be free installed as required and according to the personal taste. The mirrors are equipped with their wall fixing kits. These kits are suitable for corner assembly or mounting along the profile, warranting the same utmost hold.

1 Cfr.: FEDERICA BUCCHI “Mirror and personal identity: pedagogical considerations”, Pedagogic Researches in Education, 2 (2007) – Philosophy of Education . Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna.

Shaped Mirror - IN004