Life Caring Design

HUG is a smart and sustainable furnishing system developed by Ponte Giulio and designer Daniele Trebbi.
HUG is the centrepiece of an emotional experience to be enjoyed at a relaxing and slow pace.
Embrace this collection where you will be the protagonist of a new bathroom space of intimacy and wellbeing.

Straight safety grab bars

Aids for a safe and elegant bathroom.

Safety folding grab bars

Safe bathroom environments without space restrictions


Aimed at providing extra safety in the daily use of the washbasin and shower

Folding seats

Particularly useful in the shower. Being fold-up they leave a lot of room

Washbasins and consoles

A wide range of products and solutions developed for the washbasin area

WC, bidets and urinals

The essentials for any private or public bathroom

WC seats, WC seats covers, and border covers

Standard or specific products to be combined with the WC-pan

Shower trays

Satisfy any need by breaking down barriers

Accessories, towel holders, dispensers and shelfs

Products that make the bathroom even more practical by furnishing it at the same time

Shower enclosures

Complement the shower area by increasing its efficiency


The best solution for saving on water