Installation of acrylic stone bathtub drain

The following brief note informs about the drainage system of the acrylic stone bathtubs.

The bathtubs, recessed or freestanding bathtubs in acrylic stone are available with or without "too-full" in any case, due to the characteristics of this type of bathtub, the drain system must be recessed, i.e. below the floor surface. This solution simplifies installation and, at the same time, makes any intervention that may prove useful in case of problems or only for inspection easier.

In order to offer exhaustive information it is considered useful to briefly present the tanks. When deciding to install a bathtub, it is advisable to evaluate the space available, and consequently the shape. There is an infinite variety of bathtubs on the market, but we can distinguish them into two main categories: recessed bathtubs and freestanding bathtubs, or freestanding bathtubs.

With built-in bathtub we identify the version "classic" and more widespread, fixed to the floor and installed against the wall or in a corner of the bathroom. The free-standing version is instead self-supporting, ideal for large rooms and can be placed in the centre of the room. Although it may seem simpler to install the bathtubs, they require a connection to the plumbing system, which also includes an evacuation system.

The shape also has its importance, the rectangular bathtub is the most common and classic, it is generally installed against a wall, often in a corner, in order to optimize the available space. The oval bathtub is very popular, the shape gives the perception of softness and naturalness, it fits perfectly in all types of bathrooms and some compact versions can be used in small bathrooms. Suitable for medium and large bathrooms, the corner bathtub usually has the same dimensions in width and depth, generally represents an excellent solution to exploit a corner of the bathroom whose space would otherwise be lost. Other less common but not interesting shapes are the round and square versions chosen mostly for style reasons.

Acrylic stone is probably the most "noble" among the materials defined "composites", widely known by the trade name - Corian - with which the company that first introduced it on the market identifies it. Only recently has it also been used to make bathtubs. The reasons are due to the characteristics of this material, which is easy to clean, non porous, scratchproof, stain-resistant, resists well to mechanical stress and also guarantees resistance to bacteria.