Anti-slip, warm to the touch, available in 15 colors

Ponte Giulio offers a wide range of grab bars in terms of shapes and styles, to meet the needs of both the profes-sional market and the private sector. Ponte Giulio's aids meet the most stringent standards. They are made using high quality raw materials and are designed to last over time.

One of the key materials used in our coated grab bars is vinyl. It is applied as external coating to the steel heart and of-fers unparalleled properties and benefits:

- Antimicrobial, thanks to BioCote solver-ion technology;
- Soft and warm to the touch;
- Anti-slip;
- Easy to clean;
- Available in 15 different colors;
- Biocompatible (safe and healthy for human contact as it lacks heavy metals);
- Electrically insulated;
- Fire-retardant.

Discover the vinyl coated Tubocolor and Urban People lines