Folding and removable arm

A modern and practical element to be placed next to the WC

A folding arm is a practical and effective aid particularly for the toilet area of the bathroom. There, the often limited space, the presence of other fixtures and the posture a user normally adopts, make it possible to install the arm in such a way that it blends perfectly with existing decorative elements and provides a priceless aid for the user. Especially in private homes, hotels, or even care homes, it can really make a difference to have a removable arm, which can be even taken off when not in need, adding extra value to the product.

Load resistance of the HUG tilting support

The folding support provides considerable load resistance

Scheme for removing support

Scheme for removing support

The folding arm is fixed to the wall through a plate and semi-plate to which the arm is anchored. This system allows the arm to be removed by anyone without using any specific tools. Once removed the wall-fixing plate can be hidden by using a plate-cover.

The bar and wall flange cover are available in the following finishes:

    • Chrome C1
    • Signal white WE
    • Coral red PB
    • Grafite (pantone 432) DD

Coral red folding grab bar
White signal folding grab bar
Chromed folding grab bar
Graphite folding grab bar

The folding grab bar can be completed with the following accessories:

    • Toilet roll holder made of stainless steel with polished finish only;
    • Soft arm-rest in polyethylene and available in two colours, white and dark grey.

Optional arm rest
Optional roll paper holder

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Removable and folding arm
Removable and folding arm