Magnetic Shower

Magnetic shower thinner than traditional shower system

The shower is changing, change the shower!

Easy handling of the magnetic shower

With only a 2 mm mounting plate, it’s the thinnest shower system in the world, allowing maximum comfort whilst showering!
More space in your shower enclosure thanks to its 2 mm thickness, almost 90% thinner than traditional shower systems.

Thanks to its double-sided “3M”adhesive, you can easily install it wherever you want, without drilling the wall or the tiles.
The vertical plate, bent at the top side, makes the shower system easy to locate with different positions
Low position > the spray towards the body
Medium > especially for women who do not need their hair to get wet
High > standard usage
High on the bend > to cover the whole body
Standard application requires the 70cm length mounting plate. The 100cm length plate must be laterally fixed not to interfere with other fittings components.

Magnetic shower easy to install

Magnetic Shower is a new space saving concept.
Magnetic shower has been studied and developed to let people easily manage the showering experience in greater space. On top, the image showing the thickness of the plate with different shower positions


Magnetic shower needs only two minutes to install it: no tool is needed, no holes into the wall/tiles, jus affix the plate using the double-sided 3M adhesive.

The stainless steel plate can be applied directly on the tiles or on the wall using the double sided “3M”adhesive - no more wall plugs, no more holes. In case of replacement, the plate normally can cover all existing holes and allows permanent contact anywhere into the shower area.
Magnetic Shower comes with a special cleaning towel to perfectly clean the surface on which the double sided adhesive will be applied.
After having installed the plate on the wall, just screw the hand shower to the flex hose and fix it to the existing wall connection elbow into the shower box.
Last step: place the hand shower on the bar in any position you prefer and the magic is done! Same installation concept is applied to Butterfly Gecko and Fish.

Magnetic shower amusing for children

Showering has never been so funny for children, using the small animals as shower holder
Butterfly, Gecko and Fish are the holding accessories used to complete the Magnetic Shower system and making it more amusing for your kids daily showering

Design of the magnetic shower

Our philosophy is Minimal - the style we want to represent you, your personality, your needs, your demands.
Compared to traditional sliding bars and thanks to the permanent magnets, Magnetic Shower eliminates the rail, the brackets and the slider, parts of which are frequently subjected to breakage and malfunctions.
Suitable for kids: thanks to Butterfly, Gecko and Fish, kids will discover the pleasure of the shower and personalize the shower enclosure by positioning the hand shower at their height, to reach the maximum comfort. The bar ends with a hook to hang shower gel or sponges. Stainless steel concealed shower mixer with ceramic discs can also be available to complete the renovation of your bathroom. Magnetic Shower is not a simple shower; it comes from a blend of design and technology to cover all the daily needs when entering into the shower enclosure.
Apart from domestic use, it is recommended for use in hotels, gyms or accommodation facilities because Magnetic Shower avoids the problem of high maintenance and helps saving on the consumption of water and power. Magnetic shower is 100% developed and produced in Italy

Nickel and cromo free, Magnetic shower

Particular attention has been given to the allergies and to the environment: the whole shower system uses only stainless steel and special polymers and it is totally chrome and nickel free.
No more allergies: nickel and chrome are the very common and uncomfortable allergies, that’s why Magnet Shower is made from stainless steel and polymers without applying any chrome or nickel plating processes, as occurs in most of the existing traditional shower products. Magnetic Shower is exclusively built using recyclable materials.
No more waste of water: the shower is equipped with a special valve setting the water flow to 9 liters/min, so as to reduce the consumption of water and power to heat it.
Water is the most important resource on our Earth, let's take care of it!

Self cleaning magnetic shower


Water dispensin nozzles made with a special polymer combined with a "Magnetic" limestone melt system incorporated inside the shower, guarantee an optimal jet.

Magnetic Shower is the only real shower with a built-in "melt limestone" system.

The permanent magnets inserted in the shower create the molecular dissociation of calcium and magnesum ions present in the water, thus helping to reduce the problem of limestone.
In case of occasional use of the shower system, just open the water and with the palm of the hand rub the dispensing nozzles to restore the correct flow.
No expensive equipment, but only the properties of the permanent magnets, effective and perfectly ecological.
Magnetic shower has a vigorous jet that focuses on your body - of total well-being, your body relaxes and replenishes energy. With Magnetic Showe, the shower becomes a dayly pleasure that you cannot give up.

Shower kit with magnetic shower head
Shower kit with magnetic shower head