OMNIA Collection Sanitaryware

Lavabo 650 mm. omnia

The OMNIA collection includes washbasins, sanitary ware WCs, bidets and sanitary modules, designed to be integrated with all the other articles that complete the offer. From a stylistic point of view, all the sanitary ware is united by a chamfer that for the washbasins runs along the entire perimeter of the basin; similarly, the WCs and bidets also have this distinctive mark that is found in other products in the collection, such as the stool and shower seat.


The washbasins of the OMNIA collection, with their minimalist shapes, are offered in ceramic with widths of 65 and 100 cm and in acrylic stone with a width of 65 cm, but the latter can also be produced in other formats on request. The washbasins are complemented by a metal frame with a handle on the front for ease of approach and safe use, a towel holder and an object holder as options on the sides.

Sanitary toilets and bidets

Despite their increased dimensions in height and depth to facilitate efficiency and ease of use, the floor-standing sanitary fixtures in the OMNIA line have shapes that balance their proportions: the external surfaces are sinuous and continuous. In addition to being rimless, the sanitary wc is translated to allow it to fit drains ranging from 80 to 360 mm from the wall during installation. The WC and bidet are also available in a wall-hung version.

Sanitary module

The sanitary module simplify the installation, maintenance and removal of toilet pans in a bathroom environment. Available for floor-standing or wall-hung toilet WCs and bidets, the OMNIA sanitary module has a minimalist appearance and it is made of acrilyc stone and stainless steel. The bidet version is equipped with a storage compartment and a towel holder.