Why choosing the folding seat for bathtub

The bathtub seat enables an easy transfer of a person inside the bathtub and guarantees then a safe condition. The folding possibility has the advantage of offering more space inside the bathtub when it is needed but also avoids the taking out and in of removable seats with a clear satisfaction of the operators and caregivers.

A person with good motion capacities will for sure appreciate the functionality of this item, which may be used or not but it is always at disposal for the maximum comfort and safety.


  • Because makes easy and safe the walk into the bathtub

  • Because can be always at disposal but can be used only when needed

  • Because in upper folded position enables to save space

  • Because you can choose the best possible colour for your environment within the standard available ones

  • Because it is totally manufactured in antibacterial materials

Insights: folding seat for bathtub
Insights: folding seat for bathtub, movement