Why choosing the removable containment rod for installation on folding grab rails

The containment rod, once installed transversely on two folding supports, guarantees a comfortable and safe frontal support for those who, for various reasons, are unable to maintain their vertical posture when sitting on a toilet bowl.

Removable containment rod

The containment rod, when transversally installed on two side folding grab rails, guarantees an efficient and comfortable front support for all people having problem to maintain the upright position when seated on a toilet bowl.

The special anchoring is ensured by two elements to be assembled onto the folding rails and two rings with pins fixed on the containment rod itself to be inserted in these elements.

Thanks to this kind of special anchoring the containment rod may easily slide on the folding rail length and be adjusted and blocked for every single use.


  • Because it is a really valid solution for keeping the person stable

  • Because it guarantees to the person a certain self-sufficiency and privacy into the bathroom avoiding the presence of a caregiver.

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