slipping in the bathroom

A bathroom 100% safe

When decorating a bathroom area, several aspects have to be considered: style, design, materials, the space available and… safety!

According to several studies, the bathroom is the second most dangerous room for accidents, where several people (especially the eldest) lose frequently their balance, risking painful and serious falls.

So, the bathroom should be designed to avoid such accidents, for it to be 100% safe. Are we sure? Unfortunately that is not completely the case.

We commonly think that safety is only related to falls or loss of balance, however there is another important danger that has to be considered. Try to imagine how many times in a day you go to the toilet and multiply this number by thousands and thousands… you will get an extremely high number, which represents how many people (and times) pass through this area, with all relating consequences.

A crowded and busy space is full of bacteria and microbes, dangerous to our health. Almost 1 person out 4 dies of infections due to viruses and microbes, which are also not good in terms of smells (bacteria are the ones responsible for lots of stinks) and damages (they cause discoloration and deterioration of many surfaces).

So, safety is a a wide and complex theme: since its birth, Ponte Giulio is involved in these aspects, trying to create the best solutions for the bathroom, in order to make this space as comfortable as possible.

The articles listed below offer a number of ideas about grab bars, the bathroom accessory that is essential for safety