Ambient Assisted Living, an evolution in the way we live and enjoy the environment

Ponte Giulio prepares for the challenges that information technology brings

Let's talk about Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), to explain this European research
program in greater depth. AAL is a financed initiative that aims to help and
create better conditions for the elderly and people with disabilities and to
reinforce industrial opportunities in the information technology and communication

The specific objectives are to favor the emergence of innovative products,
services and systems so people can grow, old and live well at home, in the community
and at work, while improving the quality of life, autonomy, as well as helping
them to have a better social life and reduce the costs of health care and social
services. Other aims include creating a critical mass of research, development
and innovation on a community level in technologies and services, encouraging
small and medium-sized businesses to participate, and improving the conditions
for industrial exploitation.

Basically, developing new technologies to allow the elderly and disabled people
to live by improving their autonomy, facilitating daily activities, ensuring
good, safe conditions, monitoring and treating those who are ill. Such techniques
could avoid, in many cases, admission to hospitals or nursing homes, and also
help the community to save money.

The total cost of the program is 700 million euros for 7 years, 25% of which
comes from the Union, 25% from the member states and 50% from companies. The
European Commission has allocated a total of 150 million euros. Member states
of AAL give financial help to the people from their own country, whether they
have taken part in a successful project or are entitled to assistance in accordance
with national rules. The aging population is a long-term trend that began several
decades ago in the EU and the rest of the world. Over the past two decades,
the share of the working age population in the EU-27 has increased by 0.3 percentage
points, while the share of the elderly population has increased by 3.7 percentage
points. This is also why projects specifically designed for people who are advanced
in age are needed, with the help of businesses of all sizes, bringing new solutions
to the markets. And we are taking advantage of this opportunity, says Ponte
Giulio, through partnerships which allow us to be protagonists in creating areas
that, in addition to having sophisticated and discrete technological and monitoring
systems, are

barrier-free and safe. Ensuring autonomy while using the bathroom space has
always been a mission for our company, and this has led us to create increasingly
stable and safe grab bars and shower trays, provide the right solution for all
situations, and at the same time, give a refined character to our products.

"We have always studied cutting edge articles to make bathroom spaces
accessible for everyone", concludes Ponte Giulio. We believe that autonomy
and accessibility are synonymous not only with civilization, but also with modernity
and that bathroom spaces must be thought of as personalized areas belonging
to people who must create their own environment, based on their needs and preferences".

Ponte Giulio: aids and accessories for intelligent bathrooms.