Antimicrobial protection BioCote®

What is BioCote®?

BioCote® is an antimicrobial technology, based on silver ions, which helps to create sustainable, hygienic environments.

Products with BioCote® antimicrobial technology complement cleaning routines, continuously reducing levels of bacteria and mould on their surfaces.

Guaranteed protection

Ponte Giulio have joined forces with BioCote Ltd because of the assurance of a high quality, proven antimicrobial additive and excellent support services. BioCote® silver ion technology is incorporated into the grab bars vinyl coating, at the time of manufacture. BioCote® then provides continuous built-in protection, for the expected lifetime of the product, against a wide range of bacteria and mould. BioCote® protected grab bars are cleaner and more hygienic to use, making them ideal for bathrooms, particularly in healthcare establishments. BioCote® protected grab bars:

  • Rapidly reduce bacteria on their surfaces and in the environment by up to 99% 

  • Work in-between cleaning routines 

  • Provide 24/7 antimicrobial protection 

  • Help reduce risk of cross- contamination

A quality, proven technology

The BioCote® brand is your mark of quality, giving you the reassurance of continuing antimicrobial efficacy from a proven, superior technology.

BioCote® has been shown, through laboratory analysis, to have a high efficacy against a broad spectrum of microbes, including: MRSA, Legionella, E.coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonasand Aspergillus niger. Over a 2-hour period, BioCote® reduces levels of bacteria on surfaces by up to 99%. The antimicrobial performance of BioCote® does not deteriorate over time, providing continuous built-in protection for the lifetime of a protected product.

Quality control
BioCote® protected products are subject to regular quality control testing to ISO 22196:2007 by an independent UK laboratory.

Environmental trials
BioCote® technology is supported by a wealth of data that proves it is highly effective in real life environments, where patients are numerous and infections are prevalent.

The power of silver

Silver is a natural, safe antimicrobial that is commonly used in wound dressings and catheters. BioCote® utilises silver because of its beneficial properties:

Safe: Silver is non-toxic and already used effectively in the medical community.

Natural: Silver is an inorganic technology, an ideal alternative to synthetic, organic chemicals.

Durable: Silver will not break down from a product. It is also UV stable.

Sustainable: Silver retains its excellent antimicrobial efficacy for the lifetime of the product.

How does BioCote® work on Ponte Giulio’s grab bars?

  • BioCote® is incorporated into products at the point of manufacture 

  • Silver ions are then available to act against bacteria that contaminate the surface 

  • Silver ions bind with the bacteria 

  • Silver ions damage the bacteria in a number of ways, disrupting their normal functioning 

  • Bacteria are unable to reproduce and, therefore, die.