antimicrobial protection

Antimicrobial protection

Safety means also prevention from infections

Safety is not only a matter of avoiding and preventing accidents and falls, but it is also related to bacteria and microbes.

According to several studies, infections are responsible for almost 25% of total deaths, meaning that 1 in 4 persons risks to die from an infection related condition.

Amongst all areas, the bathroom is one of the most sensitive ones to this problem. Water makes the room wet and humid, creating the perfect conditions for the growth of different micro-organisms. Bacteria and microbes are usually not particularly dangerous to our health, however some of them could bring infections and diseases, like for example Escherichia coli.

In addition, they cause strain on many of the accessories, leading to discoloration and damage.

This is why it is essential to treat products with a special antimicrobial technology. To do so, Ponte Giulio has joined forces with long-term partner Biocote®, a British leading specialist that has developed a treatment that reduces considerably the levels of microbes and bacteria on surfaces. A specific additive based on silver ions is squeezed into Ponte Giulio’s grab bars vinyl coating, preventing bacteria from reproducing. In this way the number of micro-organisms starts to decrease heavily and after just a few hours the surface is left free from bacteria.

For more information about Biocote’s features and functioning, click here

Ponte Giulio’s Tubocolor® and Urban People collections offer antibacterial protection. Thanks to their vinyl coating treated with Biocote® technology, these grab bars are fully protected, 24/7, against microbes for all their lifetime, making them basically the cleanest and safest accessory you could have in your bathroom.

To learn more about Tubocolor collection click here. if you want to learn more about Urban People collection click here.

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