Architecture and design strong focus for Ponte Giulio UK in 2017

Leading Italian bathroom solutions manufacturer Ponte Giulio’s UK HQ has detailed its marketing strategy for 2017, revealing plans for future collaborations with architects.

Ponte Giulio's sleek and inclusive bathroom design products make the perfect safety
focused living solution for many buildings - ranging from hotels to homes alike.
Collaborations with architects working on significant new builds will allow for
safe inclusive bathrooms that can be used by people of any age and capability.

Well known, and respected in the architect and design industries in their home
country of Italy, Ponte Giulio's UK business is seeking designers and architects
to collaborate with on new, innovative and exciting builds.

In addition to providing quality and progressively designed bathroom products,
Ponte Giulio offers designers and architects access to BIM,
(Building Information Modelling)
allowing the life cycle of products
used to be monitored. In addition to this, the cost effective, forward thinking
planning solution allows for information regarding fittings installed to be
stored in order to make preparations for repairs and replacements in line with

Marco Ragno, head of Ponte Giulio in the UK, says 'Now many of our product
sheets are available with BIM, we feel we are better equipped to assist architects
in the UK, presenting our extensive, high quality collections suitable for hospitals,
nursing homes and hotels. At Ponte Giulio, we pride ourselves on offering a
comprehensive, sleek and personalized service. We feel this is especially important
for architects working on buildings such as hotels, where functionality and
safety must combine with modernity and beautiful design to create a safe and
aesthetically pleasing space.'

If you are an architect or designer working on a project in the UK or overseas
and wish to discuss your design requirements and safety solutions, please contact
our team today!

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