Ponte Giulio child-sized bathroom

The importance of an “educational” bathroom environment

Articles and installations which make children autonomous in the use of sanitary facilities

Many bathrooms in schools, kindergartens and playgrounds are far from the needs of small children.

Usability of these environments is essential to improve a correct use of bathrooms: cheerful, colourful solutions, with sanitary fittings, created on kids dimension and needs and able to help to bring them closer to good hygiene practices.

For years, Ponte Giulio has been creating kids bathrooms, all included in the "Kids design" project: solutions not only cheerful, safe and child-friendly, but designed to combine aesthetics and functionality to become the ideal solution for bathrooms in nurseries and kindergartens, playgrounds, service areas, restaurants or bars.

Educating in the correct use of toilets

Educating children in correct bathroom use and hygiene is a very important task not only for parents, but for teachers too. Different solutions to bring young children closer to hygiene, through bright colours and characters of animal and plant world.
Covid 19 has demonstrated the importance of a simple action such as washing hands properly. With a colourful washbasin, of the right height, with an easy-to-open tap, with birds on the wall and a towel holder in the shape of a monkey or bear, children will experience this action as a game and will be happy to do it, even several times a day.

Installation scheme children
Installation scheme children

Designers, a central figure in the design of children's bathrooms

The configuration of a bathroom environment for children between the age of 3 and 6 is a major challenge for any designer. Beyond this threshold, especially between 6 and 10 years of age, children are pushed to use the bathroom intended for adults, especially in places such as shopping centers and service areas, and this is often counterproductive.

This is why we believe that the design of children's bathrooms is a task that needs to be constantly explored, considering differences between children, in accordance with their development.

The role of the designer is essential. Ponte Giulio collaborates with expert technicians and designers who even give great importance to the correct installation: it is thanks to this that an article is truly child-friendly.

Ponte Giulio child WC
Ponte Giulio child WC

How a child's bathroom is set up

Working with designers has led us to realize that there are two very important areas in the layout of a child's bathroom: the washbasin area, which can be furnished with either sanitary porcelain or acrylic stone washbasin and console. With this material, which can be modeled in shapes and sizes, basins can be made with easy access to the water spout, hygienic and antibacterial.

The washbasin area

Ponte Giulio has worked to put on the market an offer as close as possible to the conformation of children. Kids Design includes floor-standing or wall-hung WCs, in sanitary porcelain, designed for children, which allow easy use thanks to their reduced heights (from 260 mm or up to 540 mm). Sanitary modules, which, simplify installation and free arrangement along a wall, regardless of the position of pipes and drains, complete the ensemble. The 'sanitary modules' offer advantages both to those who have to install WCs and washbasins and to those who have to maintain them.

Ponte Giulio child  bathroom accessories
Ponte Giulio child  bathroom accessories

The value of safety

For many parents, the idea of clean and disinfected bathrooms is an added peace of mind, whether they are school, playroom or shopping centre bathrooms.There is an antibacterial system that can make the bathroom and its components even safer and more hygienic and that Ponte Giulio adopts for its products. An antimicrobial technology that must be combined with proper cleaning of the environment. The pandemic has taught us how important safety is, especially in community settings, and products that are easy to clean and made of antibacterial material are the ideal solution for public bathrooms.

Ponte Giulio child washbasin

Washbasins, when decoration is key

Furniture that engages children is a good way to invite children to use the bathroom, encouraging them to perform daily hygiene-related actions. Accessories can play a fundamental role, making the environment joyful and playful: a magical world where every action becomes a game.

Ponte Giulio has designed towel hangers, soap and toothbrush holders, clothes hanging panels and height measuring rods with stars, parrots, bears, monkeys, lions, giraffes and birds to make the little ones feel as if they are in a fairy tale, the fairy tale of the hygiene fairy, who protects children, cares for them and makes them stronger.

“A good education, underlines Ponte Giulio, is essential in growing up. Educating without doing so on the importance of hygiene can prove to be a major failing. This is why we will continue to create kids bath solutions, hoping to contribute to building a society in which the care of the body based also on small actions, such as washing hands and teeth, is a habit already from childhood”.