Ponte Giulio kids design for Legoland

Ponte Giulio creates “fairytale bathrooms” at LEGOLAND® Water Park Gardaland®, Italy

Sanitaryware, changing tables and taps by Ponte Giulio, furnish the new LEGO® themed water park, inside Gardaland® theme park

Ponte Giulio children toilet for Legoland
Ponte Giulio child washbasin for Legoland

A fantastic world, full of imagination and fun, even in the bathroom. This is the requirement from Gardaland®, one of the most famous theme parks in Italy, and realized by Ponte Giulio for the children's bathrooms of the new LEGOLAND® Water Park Gardaland®, Italy.

Toilets and washbasins made to measure for children, colored taps and mirrors, together with changing tables, all belonging to Ponte Giulio's Milk line and to the specific Kids Design collection.

For years, Ponte Giulio has been developing children’s products. A bathroom project based on characters and myths of the childhood to introduce them to the knowledge of hygiene and self-care.

The Italian company believes that paying special attention to children is an important investment for the future and that approaching them to the bathroom use is fundamental in their growth process. “Kids design” is a furnishing system that combines aesthetics and functionality, becoming the ideal solution for community bathrooms.

For all these reasons Gardaland® S.r.l. has chosen Ponte Giulio to realize bathroom environments that can make hygiene, so important in a time like the one we are living, almost like a game. The washbasins have dimensions suited to the proportions of small children and they allow an easy access to the tap. The mirrors feature a safety glass, while the toilets have small shapes and dimensions, particularly suitable for use by small or very small children.

Thanks to Kids Design by Ponte Giulio, LEGOLAND® Water Park Gardaland will be an environment with children bathrooms that respect the philosophy of the park, to create a wonderful world for everybody.

Ponte Giulio changing table for Legoland

The collaboration with Gardaland was established at the end of 2019 when Ponte Giulio was selected as supplier of sanitary toilets and changing tables for the spaces destined to the youngest children, as part of the creation of the brand new themed area of the park, Legoland Waterpark. The pandemic has slowed down now and today the park is finally a reality!

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LEGOLAND® Waterpark is located inside Gardaland Resort; entirely themed and designed for families with children. Children below the age of 12 cannot access LEGOLAND® Water Park unless accompanied by an adult. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of the youngest children, persons of legal age cannot enter LEGOLAND® Water Park unless they are accompanying one or more children under the age of 12.

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