Hospital da Luz in Lisbon

Ponte Giulio products in Lisbon’s hospital: 15 years later, the products still look fresh and new

The company supplied the bathrooms’ bars for the da Luz hospital, in 2007

Indestructible. This is the word we are proud to use to describe the products we fitted in the bathrooms of the da Luz hospital in Lisbon.

Thanks to the collaboration with our long-term Portuguese partner, Laser Build, we supplied this project in 2007 and, by looking at the pictures, it seems that the bars were fitted only a few months ago!.

The client selected soft, non-slip and warm-to-touch bars which are also anti-microbial, thanks to Biocote’s technology which prevents the proliferation of bacteria, mold, fungi and some virus up to 99.9%, protecting users against infections and cross-contamination and increasing the products’ lifetime.

The Hospital da Luz Lisboa materializes the paradigm of healthcare delivery. Bringing together an acute care hospital and a residential hospital in an integrated health complex. The quality and experience of the clinical staff and the technological innovation of medical equipment and information systems, make the da Luz Hospital a model of medicine of excellence and innovation and a reference of European level.

With this premise, Ponte Giulio was chosen to create comfortable, barrier-free and inclusive bathrooms.

The Hospital da Luz Lisboa is satisfied that, after 15 years, their bathroom are still fresh and young-looking, thanks to the maintenance staff who took the utmost care to look after them and to the products themselves which, thanks to their high quality materials and antimicrobial features, prove once more to be durable and everlasting.

“We are proud”, says Marco Ragno, Ponte Giulio’s export manager, “to see the optimal state of our products after 15 years. This is proof that our solutions are truly long lasting and durable. We wish to thank the da Luz hospital for their confidence and trust in selecting our solutions and Laser Build, our commercial partner in Portugal, for their great job and dedication and for sharing our same vision and values of providing, high quality, effective, durable and inclusive solutions in the most prestigious projects, such as the da Luz hospital”.

Ponte Giulio’s grab bar in da Luz
Ponte Giulio’s toilet in Lisbon