Exclusive bathrooms design

Ponte Giulio gives a new meaning to the concept of exclusivity

Unique, customized, antibacterial and design bathroom solutions

Under "exclusive" the dictionary says: "unique, absolutely original". This is what inspired Ponte Giulio to conceive the Exclusive design offer, combining it with inclusiveness.

The context of the bathroom has always exalted style and innovation and, precisely for this reason, the company has chosen to combine, with its offer, the furnishing trend of the moment with the best technique, in order to offer totally custom-made solutions that meet the needs of customers.

Have you ever thought, for example, to relax in the bathtub having a bookcase at hand? Or to have a bathtub or washbasin that are real coordinated design objects?

Ponte Giulio has tried, with the proposal "Exclusive design", to meet these expectations, providing its experience to realize and design them not only for private environments, but also and above all for professional hospitality. Regardless of the context, the goal is to design refined, functional and tailored objects for users of any age.

Responding to every need, from the most complex to the simplest, is the daily commitment of Ponte Giulio, in order to ensure universal accessibility, while creating beautiful environments to live and suitable for any context and furnishing style.

Thanks to the use of Acrylic stone, a noble and extremely refined material, articles of any shape and size can be conceived, such as a bookcase bathtub or a bathtub reminiscent of the vats of the Middle Ages, with customized backrest slopes, headrest and other refined details. All this in the full safety of an antibacterial material.

Ponte Giulio will accompany you in the production of beautiful, inclusive and elegant items, helping you to choose the shapes that best suit your home, hotel or resort and get a total customization of spaces.

So immerse yourself in a bookcase bathtub, take a bath as if you were in the Far West or wash your hands as if you were at the fountain of a garden: with Ponte Giulio your every desire for design can be realized and the result will still be exclusive.