The brand new web site

The new Ponte Giulio website
is now online with lots of new features

Its evolved engine enables smart searches

The new decade has just started and Ponte Giulio is happy to be launching its new new website.
Thanks to a modern layout, big images, sober colors, a simple and intuitive menu and a smart search engine, the website fully responds to the needs of customers and architects.

Let’s see what ’s new:
The website browsing experience, like in the soon-to-be-launched catalog, is designed to take the user through an “emotional journey” on bathroom safety, inclusiveness and different age needs by keeping in mind the requirements and latest trends in commercial, hospitality, healthcare and educational fields.
This is why the website is divided into different “containers” - Life Caring Design, Safety Design, Kids Designt - that allow the user to freely check what best interests him. There is also the Exclusive Design container which includes products in solid surface / acrylic stone that are fully csutomizable in shapes and dimensions to create a completely personalised bathroom for public and private environments.
But the big plus of the new website is its smart engine, which enables to search by product, category, collection or product line. Not only, thanks to an advance technology it also allows to smart search a word within all the segments of the site that include that term. For example, by typing “grab bar” you will find all the collections and product lines that contain such keyword, for a simplified and faster search experience. This also enables to have better ideas about a specific item and possibly find complements too.
This is a truly comprehensive website that responds to any user’s needs.
The new website - explains the General Manager Enrico Carloni - is the result of the changing trends in communication and internet. We have always wanted our tools to be easy and practical for anyone to use”.
Such new tools involve our customers and partners and inspire them to discover more about our products, solutions and latest developments.”
“We are confident - says Enrico Carloni - that Ponte Giulio will respond to the needs of customers, architects, hospitality, healthcare and educational operators as a modern and future-ready company, never forgetting its roots and getting inspiration from its heritage.
Ponte Giulio: Innovating starting from our roots