Obese person seat on a bariatric seat

Obesity one of the most widespread pathologies of the third millennium

Ponte Giulio has developed a line of grab bars and supports specific for bariatric use

The WHO has stated that in 2030 there will be an increase in obesity of about 60% more than today, in the age groups between 10 and 19 years of age.

Bad eating habits are one of the main causes of such condition in that age range. Another predominant factor is that the younger generations socialize more through smartphones and video games, rather than meeting in person with friends and engage in motor activities, which would counteract the risk factors of obesity, thanks to an energy expenditure that would not be obtained by sitting in front of a monitor or a TV.

In the last decades of the past century, a system was defined for calculating the body mass index (BMI), which is derived from the ratio of mass-weight, expressed in kilograms, to the square of height, expressed in metres. According to this calculation system, overweight is defined as a BMI - body mass index - of >25, and obesity as a BMI of >30.

Today more and more people are overtaking the level of >30: given that obesity is a serious condition with significant effects on the body, a specific branch of medicine, the bariatrics, has developed and it deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity.

Together with therapies, even specific products are recommended for this type of pathology, including bathroom aids and folding shower seats, in order to help users live freely and independently the bathroom environment.

Ponte Giulio has developed a line of grab bars and supports specific for bariatric use, to live the bathroom as independently as possible. The products are designed to withstand a load up to 450 Kg. They are manufactured in high-quality zinc-plated steel and coated in vinyl, which is soft and warm-to-touch and offers built-in antimicrobial protection. The seat provides a weigh load resistance up to 450 Kg too, making the bathroom an easy-accessible, safe and comfortable space is all its areas.