The Omnia catalogue

The Omnia catalogue, the new design collection by Ponte Giulio, is now online!

A practical manual containing detailed information on grab bars, seats, sanitary-ware and safety systems

Functionality and safety? This is Omnia, the new Ponte Giulio collection which is well presented in an elegant, highly explanatory and concise catalogue, created to help the user easily identify all the products.
This 83 page document, dowloadable with this link presents, with care and detail, the different products of the collection, highlighting them in detailed photos and technical drawings, illustrating their dimensions and possible heights from the floor for installation.

This bathroom system, born from the collaboration between designer Daniele Trebbi and manufacturer Olympia Ceramica, needed a document to clarify also another innovative aspect of the collection: the establishment of a furnishing system that with its shelves, hangers, hooks would be suitable for countless uses, such as entrance halls, corridors, bedrooms and of course the hospitality sector.

A functional and detailed catalogue showing every feature of the safety bars, seats and stools, storage units, washbasins, toilets, mirrors with integrated air sanitisation and call-for-help systems.

After a brief introduction to the collection, the following pages are all dedicated to the products, which are categorised into: grab bars, washbasins, mirrors, storage units, stools, shower seats, sanitary-ware, sanitary modules and taps. Each article includes not only a description and code, but also details on the finishes, which are highlighted on the last pages.

Wide space has also been dedicated to the Help System, a series of buttons positioned in the various areas of the bathroom, to facilitate the request for assistance in the event of accidents or falls, and the Safety Air System, a feature incorporated into one of the mirrors in the collection, which allows the sanitisation of air and surfaces, removing bacteria and various micro-organisms potentially harmful to health.
The document is in two languages, Italian and English, to be easily used by a wide audience.

"We have made our best to tell the story of this innovative and unique collection in just a few pages," explains Ponte Giulio, "giving ample space to dimensions, codes and finishes, because these are the specifications that prospective customers look for before purchasing this type of products. Thanks to this catalogue customers will have all the useful information and, thanks to the photos, they will get a real idea of how these articles work to make the bathroom a space not only safe and inclusive, but elegant too".

OMNIA, the evolution of the bathroom environment.