OMNIA’s aids and accessories

OMNIA, the bathroom revolution

Grab bars, seats, accessories and sanitary ware for safe and inclusive environments

Would you have ever believed that a bathroom could be a mix of safety, aesthetics and technology?

Thanks to OMNIA, the bathroom system born from collaboration with the designer Daniele Trebbi, and the producer Olympia Ceramica, it is now possible.
Consisting of various accessorized safety bars, shower seats, storage cabinets, washbasins, toilets, mirrors with integrated air sanitizing and help-request systems, OMNIA allows the design and composition of every part of the bathroom according to everyone’s needs with innovative and functional solutions, making beautiful what must be safe.

A complete and adaptable collection for a pleasant and safe bathroom environment where daily self-care actions can be carried out naturally and peacefully. Consisting

Heart of the collection, the handles, shaped like a flat oval, are ergonomic and practical. Thanks to a special mechanism that allows the insertion of various accessories under the lateral terminals of the aid, these handles can become an "L" and "U" shaped towel holder, a roll holder, a coat hook, a shelf and tray holder and, finally, a crutch holder. All these features do not penalize its main activity as a safety support: they guarantee a hold up to 150 kg.

OMNIA includes too tilting shower seat, available in simple and floor-standing and stool. The sloping top that runs around the perimeter of the seat is a graphic sign that is also repeated in other products in the collection, such as the washbasin and bidet.

This bathroom system then offers, in addition to floor and wall-hung sanitary ware, two ceramic washbasin sizes-65 and 100 cm-and one in Corian (also 65 cm.). The minimally shaped washbasins are complemented by a metal frame equipped with an approach handle, a towel holder, and a side holder.

The collection also includes mirrors, available in three versions, with various types of lighting. In version 3, the greater depth accommodates two control units: that of the Help System, for requesting help, and that of the Safety Air System, for sanitizing the air.

A proposal which highlights that bathroom safety is no longer a concept that can be relegated to an aid or a stool, but must pass through a new conception of space in a combination of design and functionality; in one word OMNIA!