Ponte Giulio at the International Congress “Hospital del Futuro” in Mexico

Ponte Giulio – decades helping those in need

Ponte Giulio, along with Mexican partner Artexa,
recently attended the International Congress "XVI
Hospital del Futuro
" that took place from the 16th to the 18th of
November. The event, which was at the National Academy of Medicine in Mexico City
gathered healthcare professionals in one place with the aim to create new and
innovative solutions for modern hospitals.

"It's been 26 years since the foundation of A.C.'' said the event organisers
(Mexican association of architects specialised in healthcare) who have worked
hard developing and promoting architecture that is compatible with the needs
of ill people over the years. Since its formation, the association has contributed
to the planning, design, supervision, construction and promotion of safer spaces
in about 70% of the Mexican healthcare infrastructure.

A representative for the association continued "In addition to this we
are working on continuous professional development and for this reason we organise
events where the main topics discussed concern the improvement of the levels
of healthcare provided. The future holds many changes in terms of life expectancy
and economic resources which oblige us to adopt new models and new architectural
approaches. Mexico has huge opportunities for professionals.

Following the event, Marco Ragno who heads up Ponte Giulio in the UK said "We
strongly believe not only in the importance of spaces that are able to be adapted
for people of varying age ranges or abilities, but also in the interesting scenarios
that lie ahead in Mexico, hence our cooperation with Artexa, a leader in bathroom
safety in Latin America.

"We have been investing for years in those who have health issues and
have worked to improve their daily lives in both public and private bathroom
spaces. This is where our safe bathroom concept comes from: grab
, shower seats,
walk-in bathtubs, and washbasins
all help to make every bathroom safer and more functional. Grab rails and seats
are offered in innovative shapes and contemporary colours and finishes to offer
a functional and stylish space."

Such design features can be seen in Ponte Giulio's latest collection
, which enables users and designers to create modern bathrooms that
are elegant and match any furnishing style. For public bathrooms, Ponte Giulio
offers truly inclusive products that are not only safe for users but also for
care givers.

Marco added: "The feedback we have received over the years from care providers
has allowed us to develop products that are extremely safe, practical and effective.
We also work in conjunction with Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) practices that
aim to create new technologies to enable users to live independently and be
monitored for safety at the same time. Such products could avoid users from
being hospitalised in many cases.

"We believe having a presence and a voice in a market that places such
importance on topics of this nature is critical. Mexico is a country where we
hope to be stronger working with Artexa. It's a partnership we believe will
prove to be strong and lasting as we share the same values of creating safe,
accessible and functional bathrooms."

Ponte Giulio: Providing safe bathrooms all over the world.

Find out more about Ponte Giulio and how to make your private or public bathroom
a safer space by calling us on 01273 735005 or emailing us here.

Ponte Giulio, safe bathroom all over the world
Ponte Giulio in Mexico with its safe bathroom
Mexico partner of Ponte Giulio for safe bathrooms
Ponte Giulio in South America with its safe bathroom