Ponte Giulio donates a children's bathroom to the Antoniano Insieme Therapy Centre

"We consider this donation particularly important," says Enrico Carloni, CEO of Ponte Giulio.

Antoniano Insieme, in Bologna, is an out patient centre offering prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation services to children at a developmental age. The centre "supports children with different weaknesses, to promote harmonious development on a physical and cognitive level, improving their quality of life and thus building a more peaceful future for them and their families. They also provide support to those families with children without difficulties, but who may need clarification on the development of their children."

The Centre, which over the last year has helped 348 children, is directed by Dr. Annarosa Colonna, child neuropsychiatrist, who thanked Ponte Giulio on behalf of the Antoniano Centre. The collection that Ponte Giulio has created for the centre consists of a toilet, a sink, a mixer tap and a mirror.

"We are very happy to have made such a small contribution, with these accessories, to such a relevant project", says Adriano Scutigliani, Sales Director for Ponte Giulio Italy, who made the donation.

"Our company has always believed that bathroom spaces should be tailored to those who live there, in this case, tailor made for children. Our proposal for the children's bathroom, in fact, is made up of simple-shaped items, of a suitable size for little ones and easy for children to use them (shallow basins, suitable to use in a group, low toilets, use of acrylic stone that guarantees health and hygiene, mirrors with safety glass).

"In addition to being an appropriate size for little ones," continues Scutigliani, "our children's bathrooms are also colorful, with shapes of animals, just to encourage kids to use them. Examples include toilets with bear feet, bird decorated sinks, caterpillar-shaped walls, lion shaped mirrors and soap holders hanging on a giraffe head".

"We consider this donation particularly important," says Enrico Carloni, CEO of Ponte Giulio, "because it cheers up areas used by children who have difficulties. To be able to make these spaces more welcoming and joyful, therefore, makes our work even more meaningful and worthwhile. We consider the mission of this centre to be important, playing a fundamental role, not only for children, but also for their families. Protecting children has always been the driving force behind our philosophy in making products for them. We are therefore particularly pleased, " concludes Carloni, " to see some of our furniture in a centre that also has a mission to improve the lives of children."

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