Ponte Giulio - International distributor of Wingits fasteners

Solutions to enable a safe installation of items on stud-walls

One of the issues that most installers are faced with when fixing items on to
stud walls is weakness within the wall build.

For years Ponte Giulio has been listening to customers who have reported on
the lack of available solutions to safely install products on stud walls.

In 2001, our quest to find a solution led us to discover Wingits,
created by a US company that design and manufacture patented fixing solutions.
They specialise in accessories, fixtures and fittings for the hospitality field,
and offer an innovative system for fixers and installers to create a robust

Wingits is the world leader in its field, and the company is consistently seeking
new solutions and innovative systems to provide increased safety and quality

Ponte Giulio is now a distributor of Wingits
and our team works closely with the Wingits manufacturers to
create an improved user and fitter experience.

Marco Ragno, head of Ponte Giulio in the UK explains 'Thanks to Wingits it
is now possible to safely install grab
on stud-walls with ease. Before, expensive preparation work had
to be undertaken to install products that were going to be subject to heavy

After many tests and experiments, and following great customer feedback, Ponte
Giulio now provides Wingits fixings in Italy and Europe due to their superior
quality, and their reputation as the strongest and most reliable fixing system
for stud walls.

Want to know why you should choose Wingits fixings?

  • There is no need for the reinforcement of walls

  • The resistance and strength of the fixing does not diminish with time

  • The fixings are both fireproof and waterproof

  • The fixing is also suitable to install accessories and grab rails that are
    subjected to heavy pressure

  • Wingits are internationally patented

  • Wingits have been in use for more than 15 years in the main hotels chains
    in the USA, making them the preferred choice for many in the hospitality industry

Since 2014, Wingits and Ponte Giulio have held a strategic alliance which sees
Ponte Giulio as the international distributor of Wingits fixing systems.

Marco continues ''we are sure that our partnership with Wingits will continue
to strengthen thanks to our shared values and commitment to design solutions.
The vision for both Ponte Giulio and Wingits is to continue to develop on our
core values of quality, functionality, innovation and care for the environment".

Ponte Giulio - worldwide partnerships for safety in the bathroom.

Have a look at the video of the installation of Wingits fixings:


Fastners, aged people bathroom grab rails fixing
Safe bathroom, aged people bathroom grab rails fixing
Safe bathroom, disabled people bathroom grab rails fixing
Safe bathroom grab rails fixing
Safe bathroom disabled grab rails fixing
Safe bathroom aged people grab rails fixing
Safe bathroom bathroom grab rails fixing