Goodbye indoor air pollution thanks to Ponte Giulio products and Biocote technology

An effective way of preventing the spread of bacteria and mould

Household air pollution can often cause health problems such as Legionnaires' disease or allergies, due to the presence of bacteria or moisture. The kitchen and the bathroom are certainly among the most "polluted" places, because they are humid and therefore more prone to the spread of mould and bacteria. There are simple solutions to prevent these spreading. Some ideas include making sure that the rooms are ventilated properly and not over heated when it is very cold outside, keeping the air conditioning systems and humidifiers constantly clean, using non toxic natural paints and plaster or paints that allow the walls to breathe, using detergents made with natural substances or obtaining plants that can purify the atmosphere.

Ponte Giulio has identified an effective solution to reduce or eliminate the levels of micro- organisms on surfaces: BioCote technology which, by using the antimicrobial properties of silver, manages to reduce the levels of bacteria in the environment. A technique that complements regular cleaning. The treated surfaces, in fact, are protected by the spread of bacteria between cleaning sessions.

"Biocote", explains Ponte Giulio "guarantees antimicrobial activity that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. Biocote is effective in reducing the levels of microbes by up to 99.99%, including MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella, Legionnaires' disease'. An excellent system, not only for the home, but also for schools, nursing homes and hospitals".

"Biocote technology - adds Ponte Giulio - can be incorporated into a growing range of materials: Silver is used as a low-toxic antimicrobial against non-target organisms in the health sector. Silver, as an active agent, does not act like antibiotics. It does not wear out and lasts as long as the product. The antimicrobial performance of all Biocote products is guaranteed by a rigorous certified program of quality control.

But how does it really work? Silver ions bind into the cells. Once inside, the silver denatures the enzymes which are necessary for the production of energy. If they are unable to produce energy, bacteria can not reproduce. Biocote was effective against a wide range of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi.

"For both public and private environments," concludes Ponte Giulio - "we recommend choosing Ponte Giulio products equipped with this technology, such as grab bars, chairs and accessories. In this way, we provide a solution for ensuring a high level of prevention of the spread of all those infections deriving from household pollution."

Healthier environments with Ponte Giulio, thanks to our products incorporating Biocote technology.

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Safe grab bars and accessories with Biocote.
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