Tailored HUG series grab bar

Revolution in the world of grab bars: tailored for every need

Grab bars in your own style and with your own logo, in the Prestigio collection by Ponte Giulio

When you want to make your bathroom safe, by adding grab bars or seats, you always find yourself having to decide between functionality and style. One or the other.
Thanks to a revolutionary encapsulation technique and a new concept of complete bathroom solutions, it's no longer either or, but either or both. Therefore you can have a safe and elegant bathroom, with a wide selection of models, ranging from plain colours to the most fashionable patterns. Solutons especially designed for hotels, and thanks to this customization, can create coordinated and elegant spaces. The secret of the procedure? The use of micro inks with coloring fluids, a treatment that allows customization with designs and colours of your choice.
The grab bars then, in addition to providing support, become real furniture accessories. This finish is based on a nebulizing process, with colorless polishing, which allows an excellent grip even in wet conditions and are light and wear resistant. The dyes do not remain on the surface, they are embedded in the substrate.
The inks are biodegradable and are guaranteed for 15 years. Since the colours are embedded below the surface in the underlayer they are resistant to most cleaning products.

Ponte Giulio has decided to apply this processing to the Prestigio plus collection, elegant, compact, robust and made using quality raw materials. The choice of adopting a simple cylinder, rather than the classic wall- mounting flange

system, and the truncated-end shape, determine the essential and minimalist character of the Prestige collection which can be easily diversified. In stainless steel , it's a real revolution in bathroom areas, providing attractive options and is adaptable to any design requirement, even the most refined.

Hotels can also add their logos on these grab bars, for total personalization, together with seats, sinks, faucets and showers. Personalizing bathroom spaces with Ponte Giulio.