A video to realize a virtual tour of Ponte Giulio’s production

Virtual tour of Ponte Giulio’s new production plant

Follow us, step by step, to discover this new robotized production plant

If you are interested in visiting the new Ponte Giulio production area, today you have the chance. 
Open the video below and follow the suggested virtual tour. You will be able to discover the new robotic manufacturing line and watch the new machines up close from the comfort of your own PC or smartphone. 
You will be plunged into our reality.

With a virtual guide you will enter the plant and you will see all the production stages of our bars: from the loading of the tubes on the machines, to their cutting, shaping, bending and finishing. You will appreciate the different steps in detail. 
The new production area will amaze you! You will realize that the machines are totally interconnected and linked to the company’s management system, through an advanced software.

You will also understand how the human interaction is critical to perform pre-tests and to monitor and overview the whole production cycles. Finally, you'll realize how much this system reduces manufacturing times and enables the production of customer-friendly products.

The only thing you won't be able to do is...to touch it!  What are you waiting for? Start the tour...