The SOLO shower set, made completely of stainless steel

SOLO goes all out, but always remains unique

Over the past few months, the SOLO Shower line has been updated and integrated with new additions; we introduce new shower sets made entirely of stainless steel

Since its concept, the SOLO Shower line has been designed to offer solutions for the safety of the shower area. Over the last few months, during the preparation of the new sales list, in order to rationalise and expand the offer, the "line-up" has been analysed to optimise the line by dividing the various elements into four groupings: shower columns, handles, accessories and shower-sets; with this note we would like to introduce the new shower-sets.

With the SOLO Shower set, Ponte Giulio wants to propose something simple and unique at the same time, an essential object with stainless steel rod and wall anchors. A simple solution, unique in its kind, which for the moment has no alternative on the market. Like every article proposed by Ponte Giulio, it guarantees safety to those who install it in their shower; if properly installed, it is able to support tensile loads of up to 100 kilograms, and this is precisely due to the material used.

The other components also express values of excellence, such as the multi-function hand shower with ABS body and anti-limescale silicone nozzles and its sliding support, with lever, to control the vertical movement easily. The three-layer flexible hose is anti-tear and is equipped with two conical swivel couplings, useful to prevent the hose from kinking.

We would like to conclude this brief introduction to the new SOLO Shower sets by reminding you that the line includes:

  • Shower columns equipped with an internal water channelling system, which makes the outer body cold and prevents scalding. This makes the column a safe and discreet aid because it allows you to hold on to it safely, thanks to a load capacity of over 200 kilograms.

  • Horizontal handles, with and without direct water connection, such as shower columns, are necessary to add safety elements in the shower and outside this area of the bathroom.