Showering with Magnetic Shower becomes a daily pleasure that you can't do without

The Butterfly, Gecko, and Fish make it great for children

The shower has changed. Thanks to Magnetic
, by Ponte Giulio, you will have a real shower column, 100% designed
and manufactured in Italy, with a thickness of only 2mm

is today, the thinnest shower system in the world, and guarantees
maximum comfort, with over 90% more space compared to a traditional shower.
Although designed according to a "minimalist" philosophy, it meets
the different requirements of those who use it.

Thanks to the permanent magnets, there isn't a shower hose or any supports
and sliding parts in this system which are prone to breaking. Furthermore, there
is a bar that folds at the end which allows the shower head to be used in different
positions. All it takes is a few simple movements and you get different inclinations,
for a personalized water supply: up to your neck for those who don't want to
get their hair wet, or you can have water all over your body.

is also innovative in the way it is installed. No renovation
work is necessary, it only takes two minutes to install, without tools. The
bar, is also available in a 100cm version, it doesn't interfere with the water
fittings as it is applied with double sided adhesive tape to avoid making holes
in the tiles. This shower system can also be put on top of pre existing holes
belonging to a previous shower column, thanks to its shape and dimensions it
can easily cover them up. To ensure a perfect adhesion to the surface inside
the shower unit, each installation kit includes a special cleaning wipe to clean
the surfaces on which the bi-adhesive tape will be applied. After mounting the
bar to the wall, simply screw the shower into the flexible part and connect
it to the existing water intake inside the shower unit. All that is left to
do now is to place the shower head onto the column and it will magically remain
in the desired position. The set includes a hook to hang foam or sponge bath
containers. For those who want to renovate fittings, the ceramic shower mixer
is also available.

This shower has been designed for the whole family, even for the little ones.
can become a game for children thanks to a shower holder with
the shapes of cute little animals: butterfly, gecko and a fish.

Its innovative design is ideal for accommodation facilities and for gyms. It
definitely solves the problem of maintenance and saves on water and gas consumption
(the shower is equipped with a special valve that limits and stabilizes the
water flow to 9l / min, thus reducing the consumption of water and gas to heat

Particular attention was paid to allergies and the environment while creating
this shower system. It does not contain heavy metals, and only stainless steel
and special polymers are used, and it is built exclusively from recyclable material.

Life is made easier as Magnetic
cleans itself thanks to a special polymer and a system that breaks
down limescale, ensuring that the shower always has an excellent stream of water.
The permanent magnets inserted in the shower, in fact, cause the molecular dissociation
of calcium and magnesium ions. present in the water , thus solving the problem
of limescale. If the shower is only used occasionally, just open the water and
with the palm of your hand, rub the dispensing nozzles, to restore the correct
flow of water.

So what are you waiting for? The shower has changed, so change your shower!

detailed information visit the insight page.

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