hug collection

HUG, life caring design.

Self-care begins here.

HUG is part of our Life Caring Design proposal. It is a collection of grab bars, seats, furniture and accessories, mainly designed for the bathroom at home or in hotels.
The aim is to offer to everyone, at home or when travelling, a bathroom space that is welcoming, comfortable, safe and inclusive without looking clinical.


Safety is in our DNA and we do not compromise it. Our grab bars are in stainless steel and withstand a load capacity up to 150 Kgs, depending on the size. Our cabinets become true safety elements thanks to integrated support rails. The folding arms also withstand lateral traction up to 100Kgs and the shower seats and stool, not only support up to 150kgs of weight, but are also equipped with adjusting rubber feet for better floor grip.

Contemporary design

We teamed with designer Daniele Trebbi to create stylish and modern looking products. Many different colors and finishes are available, so items adapt to any requirement of style and can be mixed and matched to suit any taste.


We have created safe and stylish products that everybody can use. Young and aged people, physically able or challenged, families, singles etc. The bathroom at home or in a hotel will not look cold or institutional. It will be a welcoming space, where even those not in immediate need of a safety aid, won’t feel out of place, because products have a design and look that is modern and non-clinical.

Modular and personal

The grab bars are designed to house pieces of forniture which can be easily moved along the rail when need be. Shelfs can sit on the same bars and easily be pulled and placed somewhere else on the rail. Colors can be matched and chosen according to personal taste. Furniture can be combined with bars, allowing users and designers to create the most personal version of their inclusive bathroom.