Interventions in the construction context can be distinguished between new construction and renovation, and there are substantial differences between the two. In the first case there may be no limits, other than those imposed by the regulations, while in a renovation there may be issues related to the availability of space or technical constraints and consequently the adaptability of the furnishing elements to the rooms in which they are inserted. In order to contribute to the resolution of this type of need, Ponte Giulio has developed a program of articles in acrylic stone, which allows a refined customization for shapes and sizes, which probably allows to solve any adaptation problem.

A vision from different perspectives offers the opportunity to interpret the space in an effective way, and for this reason our intent is to propose ourselves as interlocutors to the professional figures who in various ways operate in the large hospitality market: architects, interior designers, but also hotel managers or owners of small realities such as bars and restaurants. The sharing of our skills made available to those who have ideas, or specific needs, helps to find solutions to real problems more or less complex. Ponte Giulio offers "standard" products, defined in all their parts in different catalogues, but at the same time offers a wide possibility of customization of these items.

Products in the catalogue

A selection of articles, the essentials available from the catalogue, for the bathroom. They exist in various shapes and with different finishes offer the possibility to configure the environment according to the most different needs.

Customizable articles

For those who are looking for something original, or simply for those who need to adapt to the available space, we can guarantee the customization of sizes and colors to allow the best adaptability, because we directly manage every step of the production process.

Customized realizations

Furniture decorators or designers who want to configure environments freely we offer the support of our technicians to have at their disposal a team of professionals able to deal with any kind of design and the consequent realization of unique pieces.