SOLO Shower

SOLO is a revolutionary, yet simple shower system that blends a shower column with a safety grab bar. The different models available are designed to meet any requirements and tastes. SOLO is suitable for any environment and decorative style in residential, hospitality or healthcare bathrooms. It helps create a shower space that is modern, functional, inclusive and non institutional looking.

Solo shower grab bar

Innovative and contemporary

At the heart of SOLO is a safety grab bar in stainless steel that supports 200 Kgs. of traction and an innovative built-in water channeling system that delivers water to either the shower-head or hand shower. The bar’s body remains always cold, so it is always safe to touch. SOLO comes with a built-in water diverter, which works even if the existing water system has just one water outlet. The column’s water inlet can be from either the top or bottom entry points which correspond with the fixing flanges (DWI SYSTEM - double water inlet) . This guarantees easy and quick installation even in existing bathrooms.

This is all wrapped up in a design that is contemporary and adapts to any installation choice, in any environment.

solo shower
Solo shower enclosure

The perfect choice for a safe shower

SOLO is the smartest choice when it comes to a safe shower. This clever solution is essentially 2 products in 1. A shower column and a safety grab bar, blended together. No need to choose two different products, no need to to drill the walls too many times.

SOLO at a glance

Solo shower column grab bar

• Anti-scald, cold bar in stainless steel. 200 Kgs traction resistance
• Swivelling shower arm (left/right)
• Inspectable shower head in ABS or stainless steel
• Multifunction hand-shower (3 jets)
• Height-adjustable hand-shower holder
• Tear-proof flex-hose
• Water inlet from either the top or bottom point - DWI SYSTEM (double water inlet), allowing for easy installation even in pre-existing showers
• Built-in water diverter that works even when the existing water system has just one water outlet
• Many models and variations available

Not just a shower column…

The columns are complemented by additional products such as grab bars, safety slider rails and foot rest to be fitted in the shower and anywhere else in the bathroom, for a uniform and matching style even with existing accessories.

20 mm. diameter shower set