Since 1992 the company has chosen to submit its products to quality tests, with the aim of guaranteeing consumers first and foremost. Subsequently, the company has constantly pursued the objective of improving the production and control processes of its activities and at the same time the constant verification of its products.
For over ten years, an internal, certified testing room has been set up. The tests carried out in our laboratory make it possible to correct any errors and, at the same time, to obtain approvals and certifications from third-party institutes with certainty.
The reputation of our brand is also the result of this effort over the years to guarantee the reliability, safety and performance of our products.

Company certifications
since 1995 company quality certification ISO 9001

Product certifications
since 1992 some products of the "Tubocolor®" line have obtained the "TÜV" certification.
since 1996 all products for professional use have been subject to "TÜV" certification.